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With new regulations of the London Public carriage office now fully in force the importance of a replacement vehicle being PCO Licenced is now a legal obligation.

Without a suitable replacement vehicle the operator or driver can be subjected to a considerable loss in earnings as well as potentially not being able to meet contractual obligations that you may have.

At R.I.M. Chauffeur Drive and A.C.D. Car Hire we are able to offer, from our own fleet of PCO licenced vehicles, a comparable vehicle which can be delivered to your home or place of work. We operate Mercedes E Class, S Class and BMW 7 Series. These all have air-conditioning, satellite navigation and automatic transmission.

For further information, including pricing, and to discuss how we can assist you please contact us.

Conditions of Hire

- All drivers must have a full and valid licence with at least 3 years driving experience.
- The vehicle may only be driven by those persons that have completed an insurance proposal form.
- Excess held as deposit: for every rental £750.00
- All payments are to be made in full at the start period by debit or credit card.
- ACD Car Hire reserve the right to exchange the vehicle reserved with an equivalent model if necessary.
- Parts not covered by insurance include punctures, tyres, wheels, windscreen or any other glass.
- Dogs and animals to be seated on a blanket and only with prior agreement.
- All vehicles have breakdown cover.



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